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Champagne Gratiot Delugny Millesime Brut 2004

Region:    Champagne, France
Grapes :       100% Chardonnay
Alcohol :      12%
Size:             750ml
Body:           Medium Bodied

The House of Gratiot-Delugny, located in the Croûttes sur Marne, was established in 1889 by Jules Gratiot and the family of Louise Delugny, both families in Champagne.

Today, it is their son, Robert, born in 1949, who runs the business. Robert’s son, David, born in 1979, has just completed his wine-making studies, and will some day take his turn at overseeing the operations.  For now, he helps his father in the winery, with his father handing down to him the house’s champagne-making tradition and know-how to produce impeccable quality champagnes characterized by an aura of elegance.

Tasting Notes: Characterized by pronounced maturities which give very pleasant flavours and a certain richness to the wine, the champagne breathes an intensity of chocolate, toast and fruity aromas (citrus fruits and dried fruits).  A soul Champagne powerful and structured.  

Wine Pairing: Halibut Fillet with Spiced French Scallop on a White Wine and Saffron Sauce.

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